Who loves Android but is also a diehard PC enthusiast that loves getting the latest and greatest GPU for their gaming PC? If you are one of them then we have good news from the folks over at eVGA. They’ve just shared some sneak peak pictures of their new eVGA Precision X overclocking tool for Android. Now you’ll be cranking those shaders up with an Android smartphone while getting ready for Crysis 3.

Now there is a small catch here, but it was to be expected. You’ll need Bluetooth on your PC in order to use Precision X for Android as that is how they communicate with one another. At first thought you may be thinking why would I use my phone with a limited range of Bluetooth when I can just do this task right on my PC? I’ll tell you why. With Precision for Android you can increase shaders, tweak voltage, or increase that fan speed in real-time during benchmarks or while gaming without ever leaving the screen.

If you’re like me you probably are already pushing the limits in benchmarks and don’t have room for increases, but to help find that sweet spot without tons of trial and error this app will be extremely useful. If you don’t have Bluetooth you can always get a cheap dongle for a few dollars at your nearest Fry’s Electronics and be good to go. Along with the awesome user interface and overclocking features Precision X also has the same multiple profile system, just like the full-featured desktop version.

According to eVGA their new Precision X for Android will be available within a week from today — so any time now. Get ready to do some overclocking and don’t go too crazy on the memory or you’ll see some white artifacts creeping up on you. It’s time I update my water-cooled GTX 480 and that Danger Den block to a GTX 680 right?

[via eVGA]