With the growing pressure to memorize more and more complicated passwords, some people are thinking along the ways of an automated password storage – where the device does the remembering for you rather than our definitely fallible brains. “Everykey” is a Kickstarter project towards this idea – a wearable bracelet-type device that connects and unlocks your devices and websites for you.

Everykey is basically a wristband that has a single purpose – to put all your passwords in a single device that you bring along with you. But on the flip side of things, this is not at all a secure device, which means it can be stolen and used by someone else to log into your stuff. Will people go for such a device?

Everykey CEO Chris Wentz thinks some of us might. Some like-minded projects have tried to put biometric security on “password basket” devices, but Everykey is going for a lower price-point, which may be the cause of why they went without security on the device. “You can disable your Everykey at any time just like a credit card by calling us or deactivating it through our website,” Wentz said on the question of security. In this case, it is a trade-off between convenience and security.

Will you go for a device like this? We get the growing threat of data miners and pirates out in the ether who have nothing better to do than steal or hack your passwords – so we need to memorize more complicated passwords. With the convenience that Everykey offers, some might actually go for it. The Kickstarter project is now halfway its funding goal of USD$100,000 with 19 days to go. Check out the source link for more info.

SOURCE: Kickstarter


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