ProtonMail Apps Open Source

ProtonMail is an encrypted mail service that has received its own Android app way back in 2016. The last related update was when ProtonMail mobile was updated to have encrypted contacts. Many things have happened since then but it’s only now that we are revisiting the service. All ProtonMail apps are now said to be open source which means more people will get to enjoy them in a more convenient way.

A ProtonMail inbox can be accessed from some compatible apps. With the latest development, the apps you use are now open source. They have passed an independent security audit as the company behind it lives by the principle of transparency. With this in mind, ProtonMail is now open source so many people will understand the program better.

Being open-source also means more people will be able to help in protecting and keeping data safe and private. The web app version is already open source, as well as, the iOS version. The desktop Bridge app is also open. The Android version is the same so this means all Proton apps are open source.

Check out ProtonMail’s GitHub page for the open-source code. n SEC Consult independent security audit said the app doesn’t have any vulnerability at the moment. An open-source doesn’t mean more risk. It is actually a good way to increase the security of mobile apps.

The people behind ProtonMail are offering some rewards to those who can identify vulnerabilities. The program is deemed safe, private, and secure but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


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