Evernote recently had a security breach. That breach occurred this past weekend and we offered a bit of detail on the subject yesterday. The short story here is that Evernote discovered and blocked suspicious activity and as a result, they initiated a system wide password reset. Basically, all Evernote users were required to pick a new password. Evernote seemed to handle this event quickly and appropriately, however it seems that they still have some additional plans in the works.

Coming by way of a recent report from Information Week, Evernote will now be accelerating those other plans. It seems the company had been planning to introduce two-factor authorization. Keep in mind, this is not a fast reaction to the recent security breach, but instead, it is Evernote speeding that process up a bit.

We have yet to see a specific timeline as to when the two-factor authorization will be released for users. Or for that matter, for those willing to serve as beta testers. What we have seen comes from Evernote spokeswoman Ronda Scott who has said they plan to have this available for all users “later this year” and that they are “accelerating those plans now.”

Similar to a specific release timeframe, we have also yet to see details in terms of how Evernote plans to implement the two-factor authentication. That being said, while nice to see, a key factor here will be in how many users decide to take advantage of this extra bit of security, or if they will remain with the current setup and hope that things go smoother moving forward. While we wait, and especially for those who will continue to use the single-factor methods currently available — make sure you picked a secure password when you did your reset.

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