Evernote rolled-out the 2.0 update for the Skitch app back in late-October. That update was rather nice and included goodies such as deeper integration with Evernote. And well, it looks like another Skitch related update has come available in Google Play. This latest isn’t full of new features, however it does include a handful of notable updates and improvements.

Simply put, this is an update that current Skitch users will want to grab. It may also be enough for those who stopped using Skitch to give it another look. That being said, this update brings Skitch up to version where it remains available for free and for devices running Android 2.0 or later.

The folks at Evernote are touting this release as having better, smarter tools. And by that, the pen tool and the move/pan tool have both been improved. Skitch also got a new hold and lock feature which will allow users to prevent the app from auto-switching tools. The pen tool is now faster and smoother and the move/pan tool change deals with a new behavior that makes it become active when you select an object and then revert back to the previous tool when you delete, deselect, or swipe your finger elsewhere.

Otherwise, the remaining goodies in this update include easier access to settings with a new icon on the home view, new tool tips, an improved Move tool and “numerous other improvements make the app smoother to use and more stable.” Those looking for Skitch can fire up the Play Store on their device or use this link to head on over to the Play Store.

[via Evernote]


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