Evernote is, of course, all about making and keeping notes so it’s unsurprising that it continually finds ways of making the note-taking process smoother. Of course, that should be somewhat the same across any platform, and this latest update to the Evernote app does bring a better experience on Android.

With the latest update, users of Evernote on Android will be able to place any kind of attachment inline within the note itself. Previously, those items could only be viewed as distinct pieces of information, pretty much like e-mail attachments. Now they can be placed anywhere in the body of the text where they are most relevant and, if the attachment type supports it, an inline preview can also be seen.

The Evernote app has also gotten support for external keyboards, complete with keyboard shortcuts. This new feature might be a bit puzzling on a mobile app but, considering Evernote’s target audience, quite a number of its users probably have some sort of wireless or Bluetooth keyboard for their tablet or even for their smartphone. And finally, Android users won’t have to worry anymore about the app messing around with text styles in notes that were created in other Evernote apps. Not only does the Android app now have support for more styles but it is also intelligent enough to only change the content and leave the style alone if the particular style isn’t supported on Android yet.

The update for Evernote on Android is now rolling out to users. Users with Evernote Business accounts will also see a very slight change to the user interface, which now shows a direct link to Business Notes in the sidebar.

Download: Evernote on Google Play Store
SOURCE: Evernote