Despite recent changes in how many devices can access notes that definitely didn’t please a lot of users, Evernote is still pretty much a reliable note-taking app for those who remain committed users. The latest update to the app will make sharing notes and notebooks even easier and you won’t even have to switch to the app where you want to share it. Whoever you want to share it to doesn’t necessarily need an Evernote account as well, although being one comes with even more sharing and collaboration features.

Once you’ve finished writing that note, whether it’s a quick thought that you’ve jotted down or the minutes from your meeting, you can easily share it as a link and send it through email, text, or a Slack message. And you don’t need to go out of Evernote to do so as all the sharing options are there already. Of course some OEMs already have native sharing options for most apps, but it’s still better to have something native to the app.

You can also now see all of the things that have been shared to you by other Evernote users in the new Shared section. You can filter the list by name or type (note or notebook) or sort it through title, name, and date. You can also encourage other people that you normally share things with to just create a shared notebook for whatever project or trip you’re working on instead of creating long email or messaging threads. You can attach files to your notes and then just send an update to your group whenever a new note is posted and invite them to collaborate as well.

You can update your Evernote app from its Google Play Store page to enjoy all of these new sharing options.

SOURCE: Evernote


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