A lot of people have already become dependent on Evernote to store their notes, memories, thoughts, ideas, etc, especially since you can store them across all digital platforms that you have. But of course there’s always that fear that if you lose your device or if you leave it unlocked somewhere, someone will be able to access it and read all your private notes. Now the app is opening up one of its Premium features to all users and it will solve that problem.

Once you’ve updated the Evernote app to the latest version, you will now be able to protect your notes with a passcode lock so that only those with your key (if you give it to anyone that is) will be able to open and read your notes. The 4-digit passcode lock was only previously available to those who are using the paid version of the productivity app. This has been one of the most popular requests from users who are using the free version.

If you’re a Premium user and wondering whether you should just go back to the free version since the passcode is now free anyway, don’t forget that you still have other paid-only privileges, like more storage space, accessing notes offline, turning your notes into presentations, and other features that hopefully, will not become free anytime soon.

But for those free users out there, this is indeed good news, just in case you forgot to lock your phone or tablet and someone comes across it with nefarious intentions. So go and lock your important notes now.

SOURCE: Evernote


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