Evernote was probably the most popular organization app a few years ago but they experienced a sort of fall from grace with the changes they brought to their free plan. Their competitors have also stepped up their game, particularly the free ones like iOS’ Notes and Google Keep. But they’re now trying to get back previous users and get new ones as well with new features and new plans that they hope will appeal to users that are willing to pay for an app like this.

Basically, there are now four plans for Evernote users. Evernote Basic is now known as Evernote Free but it’s still the same 60MB monthly upload restriction and maximum 25MB note size plus synchronization on two devices only. Evernote Premium is now Evernote Personal and is still the most affordable of their plans at $7.99 per month. Evernote Professional is for the higher-end power user with more features of course at $9.99 per month. Lastly, Evernote Business is now Evernote Teams and is meant for collaboration among team members. It’s also the most expensive at $14.99 per user per month.

The new features that Evernote is introducing will not be available for all as you will have to be in one of the paying tiers to access them. Tasks was introduced a few weeks ago but only as an Early Access feature. Now it’s available for Personal users (adding due dates and reminders), Professional (for assigning tasks to other Evernote users), and of course Teams. You also now have Google Calendar integration for a primary account (Personal) and for personal and work Google accounts (Professional).

Evernote has also added some requested features like Linux support (now in beta), Boolean search refinement (for Professional tier), and exporting notes and notebooks as PDF files. Well, all users can export notes as PDF but only those on the Professional tier and above can export notebooks. The Home dashboard now supports Tasks and Calendars, if you’re on the correct tier, so all your stuff can be seen in one window at once.

We don’t know of course if these new things will get old users back even though there’s no changes to the Basic tier. What they can hope is to get more users that are willing to pay for these extra features that they introduced and that they will bring in the future.


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