Handwriting support has been available in the beta version of the Evernote app for a little while now. Evernote participates in the Play Store beta setup, so users do have the option to run the beta releases, but we prefer to stick with the regular releases. That said, having been not so patiently waiting for handwriting support to arrive in the Android version of Evernote — we were glad to see the release arrive earlier this morning.

We had been thinking it would arrive similar to the iOS side, with a whole other app. Those rocking iOS have the Penultimate app available. While the handwriting support didn’t arrive as we had originally expected, we are happy to see it here, and also happy with the way it has been implemented.

Basically, the handwriting support is simple and easy to use. You are able to bounce back and forth between handwriting and typing, and can mix the two though any given note. We offer a walkthrough in the video sitting below, but the concept is simple — you begin with a note just as would have have in the past.

Once the note has been created you only need to look for the pen icon (towards the upper right) to begin using your finger to draw. There isn’t a ton of features and options for handwriting at the moment, however the basics are included. Evernote has a few color options, as well as few line thickness options. You can also use the eraser, opt to jump forward or backward, and cut and move a selected area.