The latest Evernote for Android update has arrived. This one brings a nice mix of improvements as well as integration with OfficeSuite and Skitch. There were also some changes dealing with the Reminders list and with the widgets. This update is already available by way of the Play Store, however some of these changes will only be available for those with a Premium Evernote account.

With that in mind, how about we begin with that Premium feature. That is the Skitch integration. Evernote Premium users are now able to mark up PDF files. This does require you to also have the Skitch app installed and basically just means that moving forward you will be able to mark up PDF files in a manner similar to how you could with regular image files. Also worth noting, despite this being done in the Skitch app, you can have those files saved directly to your Evernote account.

Another new feature that arrived with this latest update deals with OfficeSuite. This again is a stand-alone app. But thanks to a nicely timed OfficeSuite app update, Evernote users will now be able to edit documents saved in Evernote using the OfficeSuite app. This means users will be able to open a note in Evernote and when you tap the “Edit” icon for that document, it will launch in OfficeSuite. Once done editing you can tap the back arrow in the top left and you will return to the note in Evernote with options to either replace the document or append it to the note.


Otherwise, the Evernote app update also brought the ability to add new Reminders right from the Reminders list as well as “numerous” performance and stability improvements. Shifting over to the changes dealing with the Evernote widgets and there are a few new abilities.

Once updated users will be able to view notes in a list and also view and add reminders directly from the widgets. Evernote also improved the way the widgets scale which should help make them a bit more useful on various screen sizes. Plus, there is now support for lock screen widgets.

SOURCE: Evernote Blog, Google Play Store