Users of Evernote know how beneficial it is to save important information, images, just about anything and organizing it for easy retrieval. In today’s mobile based society, it was only a matter of time and effort before Evernote produced a mobile app. And it’s proven quite useful for users on the Android platform. Now, Evernote has introduced version 3, which offers some serious updates including sharing, improved text editing, a widget redesign, and more.

The first notable feature is a share to Facebook icon. There’s also the ability to share notes email, Twitter, and more. Users can also view notes as location based items, using a Map interface. Users can also place items on a map after editing.

Notebook features include improved browsing and organization. Users can add a new notebook with a press of a button and even place a notebook inside an existing notebook stack. And users can share notebooks linked to your account with other users. Premium users can download notebooks for offline use and edit notes with others in real time for collaboration.

There’s also an improved search interface that searches within a notebook by titles, tags, text, body copies, and even images. Lastly, Evernote premium users can lock their notebooks with a PIN number. It’s as easy as hitting the menu button, settings, and pin lock. Enter the PIN twice and you’re done.