It seems to be that the direction of a lot of productivity apps nowadays is to create a lot of stand alone apps with various features to complement their app, then bake in these features to the main app later on, and then finally give the standalone apps a slow, painful death. That is what Evernote seems to be doing now as they announced that they are discontinuing support for some standalone apps, specifically Skitch, Evernote Clearly and Evernote for Pebble.

The main purpose of Skitch was to help annotate images easily even when you’re mobile. Meanwhile, Clearly made reading websites easier when on your smartphone as it removes the unnecessary things that make it difficult. But since these features have already been incorporated into the core Evernote app, then it probably doesn’t make sense that they continue developing these standalone apps.

If you’re fond of using Skitch, you have an alternative by using the Evernote desktop version if you’re on Windows. They didn’t specify what Android Skitch users are supposed to do now, but they will probably do an update later on. The article simplification features of Clearly meanwhile can be found in the Web Clipper. As for Evernote for Pebble users, you can get the Powernoter app.

As of today, the apps will not be updated anymore but will probably still work unless your device undergoes a major update and may break the functionality of it. By January 22, it will no longer be available for download in the play store.

SOURCE: Evernote