Note-taking app Evernote lost probably a large number of users when they announced that they were limiting the number of devices that can access the notes on the cloud for the free accounts. They will probably lose even more due to the latest news coming out of their revised privacy policy. By January 2017, their service will be updated to “process and take action on [your thoughts] – to think”, although there is an opt-out provision for those who don’t want to share their thoughts.

A lot of Evernote users have been using the app to store notes from work, school, blogs, even to-do lists, personal information ,etc. So the idea of some engineers taking a look at all that you’ve written down and saved on their cloud may be a bit creepy. Basically, that’s what’s going on if you’re using the app by its default features. By January 23, 2017, if you haven’t changed anything in your settings, then you’re actually agreeing to the new privacy policy.

If you feel like this is a bit too intrusive, then you can use the opt-out provision found in your account settings and tap out of the “Allow Evernote to use my data to improve my experience” option. For Evernote Business accounts, the admin has to do it and the whole group will be out as well. Evernote gives you a warning of course that if you opt-out, you will not be able to “get the most out of your Evernote experience.”

While the company promises the utmost discretion and that only selected employees will be able to view your data for machine learning purposes, there is still some part of us that is uneasy with giving companies access to our personal notes and information. There will be some fallout from this, but let’s see if this will affect Evernote’s user base significantly.

VIA: SlashGear


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