Evernote has added a pair of significant new features to its Android SDK without fanfare. The application now has support for Business service and support for the Chinese Yinxiang Biji platform. The new features for the Android software developers Kit brings the Android version on par with features the Apple version of the SDK has had since December.

Evernote believes these two features are important since they give developers access to the rapidly growing Chinese market and enterprise customers paying $10 per month the Business service. The Chinese Yinxiang Biji platform launched in May of 2012. Evernote hasn’t provided specific usage numbers for this platform, but has stated that usage is exceeding expectations.

Evernote went so far as to say that the Chinese service has added more new sign-ups than any other country. The Android SDK is now version at 1.1. It brings other new updates other than support for the Business service and Chinese users.

Some of the key updates that the new version adds are asynchronous wrappers around NoteStore.Client and UserStore.Client. The update allows for the Chinese service selection to be made automatically during login and brings a simplified singleton initialization process. New sample code is also included with the update along with various bug fixes.

[via The Next Web]