For people who cannot live without their Evernote app professionally and personally, the new Android update will make you giddy. Not only does it have a brand new design (well, as brand new as their look could ever be), but it brings new ways of integrating your favourite productivity app with your Android smartphone. Now you have easier note creation, better web clipping from your mobile browser and faster notebook sharing.

In an entire day, you would probably use the “add new note” option more than twice. The update has now made it even easier with a floating New Note button at the lower corner of your app. When you click it, a whole slew of type of notes springs up: handwriting, audio, reminder, attachment, camera and of course, old school text. When you want to view your different notebooks, notes and tags, you just have to swipe left from your screen and it will display all those and your shortcut as well.

One of the favourite things we do with Evernote is to clip stuff from the web directly onto the app. While this has been present for some browsers before, tapping the elephant icon when you share something is now easier, as you can choose which notebooks to save them to, what tags to add and you can do other stuff while it’s saving (if the site is heavy) because it does it in the background. If you use Evernote to collaborate with other people, you can now easily share your notebooks with other users by clicking on the person icon at the top. You can even set different permissions like “can edit and invite”, “can edit” and “can view” only.

The search function has also been redesigned for easier access. If you have both business and personal Evernote, you can also now switch between yoru two accounts. Evernote has so many features and functions that it’s hard to learn them all at once. There is now an Explore Evernote section in your Navigation Drawer where they put features that they think you should know and learn how to use. The update for Evernote 6 in the Google Play Store has been slowly rolling-out so it should be there in your device when you read this.

SOURCE: Evernote