In a partnership that seems both made in heaven and odd at the same time, two of the best-loved note-taking brands have joined forces to provide a more seamless workflow for users. Digital bucket creator Evernote and adhesive and Post-it maker 3M has just announced a new line of sticky notes that integrates the paper product into a paperless world.

The way it works will be quite similar to how the Evernote Smart Notebook works with physical Moleskine notebooks. Buyers will be able to purchase specially packaged Post-it Notes. Using a mobile device’s camera, Evernote will be able to detect the note’s color to help organize the note in the app. Different note colors can be set up to go into different categories. Evernote CEO Phil Libin admits that it might be possible that other sticky note brands might work with the system as well.

3M Vice President for stationary and office supplies Jesse Singh says that despite the popularity of digital solutions such as Evernote, people still prefer to jot things down on paper first. Now users will also have an easy and convenient way to archive, organize, and take their first thoughts along with them wherever they go, ensuring that the iconic sticky note will remain relevant today and in the future. For its part, Libin admits that going totally paperless is a stupid concept and that the goal of Evernote and its kin is to eliminate the inefficient use of paper instead.

The companies have not released a date when the new Post-its will land in markets, but when they do, they will be easy to identify with Evernote’s elephant logo. As a bonus, for a limited time only, the packages will come with a free upgrade to Evernote Premium which will be good for 30 days only.

SOURCE: Wall Street Journal



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