Facebook has been creating stand-alone apps for the past few years, with some becoming successful, while some have been discontinued eventually due to lack of traction. Last October, they launched the app Events from Facebook for iOS devices, in a bid to become the social calendar of choice for those who are also heavy users of the social networking app. Finally, it is now available for Android devices as well, despite the fact that it hasn’t been as successful as expected.

While of course you can browse events and see which ones you want to go to and which ones you’re attending, all within the main Facebook app, they sometimes get lost in the noise of your news feed and other features in the app. If all you want is to see all relevant events in one glance, then this is the app for you. You are able to browse through the ones that are near your area (or where you’re going later on), see the dates of all the events you’re interested in or have indicated that you’re going to.

You can also import your local calendars to make sure there are no conflicts and aggregate your wall posts and alerts from the Events section on your main app. This can be beneficial to your Facebook as it will remove some of the clutter. This app will also benefit event promoters as they can better manage their events, especially if they’re doing more than one event concurrently.

You can download Event from Facebook from the Google Play Store for free. However, it’s only available for some territories, but eventually, it will expand to more countries, especially if its availability on Android will boost user downloads.