European Union Google-Play-Store

The European Union is determined to protect the app and game developers by releasing a new regulation that could make tech giants Google and Apple to be fairer to the devs. You see, these two have always been known to be controlling of what appears or gets posted on the app stores. Both companies can do that to the point they always delete apps without offering a reason. More often than not, when complaints come in, apps are listed back again.

The EU wants to solve this kind of problem by demanding more transparency between the developers and the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. A new European Union has been signed since June 20 into law. It was only last July 12 that it went into effect.

New rights have been presented that would protect the game and app developers, as well as, their publishers. A fairer process for removing those games and apps is demanded. The regulation also includes improved transparency for data access right and more understandable contract terms and transparency of differentiated treatment. The EU also wants a new set of transparency requirements for the ranking criteria.

This regulation is only limited to platforms that allow developers and publishers that offer their apps and games to players. Obviously, this means Android and iOS.

This new European platform regulation will definitely have an impact. Game markets will be affected. Some devs and publishers may not be happy with this ruling but the consumers definitely will benefit from this change. Hopefully, this change and demand for transparency will make game developers in Europe to also further improve business practices and even help protect their artistic freedom.