These ultra compact phones are slated to follow the original X10. They are among some of the smallest Android devices to date. AT&T has been the rumored US carrier of all three, but these prices reflects the European market only.

The X10 Mini will hit the market first in May. It will be sold in Belgium and France for about €300, or $410, to purchase it unlocked. The Mini is an all touch screen phone with Sony’s custom UI dubbed Rachael. This version looks identical to the X10 as the both doesnt come equipped with a keyboard.

In June the X10 Mini Pro will be released, it’s the same device as the X10 Mini Just with a slide out QWERTY, in the same region. It’s expected to cost €330, or $450 unlocked. They both feature a 5MP camera, 2.6 inches with capacitive resolution 240 x 320 pixels QVGA and a 900 MAH battery.


[via slashphone]