The European Commission is giving its constituents a bon voyage gift as they travel across the region for the summer season. The executive body has announced that starting July 1, roaming charges imposed by carriers will be slashed by as much as 55 percent, at least for those traveling to other EU territories.

It isn’t exactly 55 percent across the board, as the new rates will apply differently for different cases. That large price cut applies particularly to data use, which has dropped from 45 cents per MB down to 20 cents. Calls, both receiving and making, as well as sending text messages have also been revised but with different rates. The table below puts them all in perspective.


The EC is also implementing new regulations, also to take effect July 1. From that date, carriers can offer traveling users, before they leave, of course, roaming deals as well as the option to choose a local mobile provider in the country of destination. This will allow subscribers to pick best bang for the euro for all their voice call and mobile data needs.

If it were up to the European Commission, it would actually eliminate all roaming charges across the European Union altogether. In fact, it is actually working towards that goal through its Connected Continent regulation, to emphasize the concept of a single market for the region. Carriers might be of a different mind, though they will unlikely be able to do anything once it is in effect.

SOURCE: European Commission
VIA: SlashGear