It isn’t exactly a secret that Etsy has caught on in a big way, and it’s quickly become the first stop for a lot of people looking for handmade products. Given the popularity of the service, many users have been wondering when the company was going to launch a mobile app. Wonder no longer folks, because the day has arrived at last – Etsy’s official Android app has gone up on the Google Play Store.

Announced today on the Etsy News Blog, this new app comes with support for English, Dutch, French, and German right from the start, which is pretty impressive if you ask us. Using the app, you can browse through all 17 million listings on Etsy, so you’ve got access to Etsy’s entire storefront through the app. The app seems pretty straightforward, showing you a number of different categories you can swipe through right when you boot it up.

Of course, you can also easily search and view your cart by touching the appropriate button in the menu bar. You can view other members’ favorite items and browse through their shops if they have one, as well as make your purchases right there in the app. Etsy will also let you track your order through the app, so it sounds like the Etsy app has most if not all of the functionality of the actual website.

All in all, it isn’t a bad little app, and Etsy addicts are sure to spend a lot of time on it. There’s one small problem though: the app doesn’t support landscape mode at the moment, only portrait mode, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on browsing Etsy from your phone or tablet. The Etsy app can be found now on the Google Play Store [download link], so head on over there to give it a spin.