Essential Phone Android 8.1 Oreo Beta

The Essential team has been trying hard the past few weeks not just to address several issues and advertise the smartphone. It’s been working on the Android Oreo update as promised. The Android Oreo Beta 2 build was released over a month ago and Essential PH-1 owners are only waiting for the official version. After the update for the Essential Camera app, here is a new one. Interestingly, this isn’t Android 8.0 as earlier promoted but rather Android 8.1 beta already.

While working on Android 8.0, the Essential devs found out a number of stability issues that need to be fixed and so instead of releasing a not so stable version, the team decided to just release Android 8.1 beta instead. Ironically, it’s still not as stable but at least Android 8.1 is the latest build.

Essential promised to fine-tune Android 8.1 Oreo with the help of Essential Phone users willing to share their feedback on experience with the new OS version. The Essential guys need about two weeks to finalize Oreo for a bigger public release. Hopefully, everything will be ready by then.

As with all other beta releases, this Essential Oreo Beta may still have software bugs. Essential Limited Warranty rights won’t be affected so feel free to download the beta Oreo. You can always revert to the older version if you don’t like what you’ll experience.