During the recent Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest “gets” that consumers could, well, get, was the Essential Phone for only $250, which was almost a $150 difference from its original price of $399. If you missed that deal, that’s too bad of course. But now the brand itself is offering you some enticements to still get the phone at its regular price. If you make the purchase from the company’s online store, you’ll get free accessories worth $107.

The Essential Phone, from the Essential company founded by former Google Andy Rubin (who oversaw the development of the first Android platform), was marketed as a premium Android smartphone. But when it failed to sell like hotcakes at its original price of $699, they had to further bring it down until its current price of $399. If that is still not attractive enough for you, they’re throwing in some free gifts worth $107 to convince you to get one.

You’ll get a 360 modular camera worth $49 so you can start taking those panoramic shots on your travel or at the events you’re attending. You also get a protective case for your 360 camera worth $9. For the music lovers, you get a pair of their own HD earphones and it’s valued at $49. These gifts are only available for the Black Moon or Pure White colors and not for the Stellar Gray one.

In case you need to be reminded of the specs of the Essential Phone if you plan to get one, it has a 5.7-inch LCD screen with 2560 x 1312 resolution. It is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor, has 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. It has a dual 13MP rear camera and a front-facing 8MP shooter. It also has a 3040mAh battery, one-touch rear fingerprint sensor, and uses USB-C fast charging.

While it is quite disappointing that they won’t be releasing an Essentials Phone 2, we’re still looking forward to what Essential will eventually do. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a $399 phone with more than decent specs (and really fast updates), you can consider their current one and get these freebies in the process.

SOURCE: Essential