The Essential Camera is no doubt a phone with so much potential. Well, it was more “was” because we the phone was mostly hyped-up by the Essential group. It was released after a few weeks of delay and then we were disappointed a bit with the poor performance. With several updates, the phone already received the 360-degree ‘Tiny Planet’ feature, reduced compression, portrait mode, faster capture speed, and spatial sound in 360. Just over the weekend, the phone finally received Android 8.1 Oreo update out with April security patches after a round of beta testing.

This time around, the Essential Phone Camera is receiving Auto HD. This delivers faster capture speed and improved scene rendering. Dynamic HDR and Flash indicators are also added plus a bunch of fixes on stability issues. The phone needs further enhancement but it’s okay– just okay but not great as we expected it would offer.

The Essential Phone team isn’t giving up. There will be updates but it just made a promise a new version will be ready. So it’s somewhat a confirmation the smartphone will have a follow-up. Some people are already thinking a next-gen Essential Phone will no longer happen because the original model isn’t selling. One reason could be the camera so we’ll see if the Essential Phone 2 (Essential PH-2) will be better.

VIA: Business Insider