Essential Phone Customer Information

Most of the Essential Phone orders haven’t shipped yet and even before the first ones started shipping, we’ve been hearing a number of issues. The phone missed its end of June deadline and now there are reports of personal information of some customers being sent to other people. If you placed your pre-order for the Essential Phone, you may have received an e-mail asking for your phone number, alternate e-mail address, and a photo ID.

The email seems weird because it looks like a scam or a phising email but it’s not the ultimate bad news. Some customers reportedly received messages from other people containing their replies which meant important details have been circulated to dozens of other customers.

The error was from the side of Essential Products and not from one customer. Andy Rubin immediately sent out his apologies to the customers. He humbly admitted the error and said they have already tried to fix the problem and added safeguards for further security. To compensate for the mistake, the company is offering the affected customers one year of LifeLock.

Rubin is taking responsibility for this error and promised not to repeat the same mistake. He then expressed his gratitude to the partners and customers who’ve continued to be understanding and patient with the company.

Before Rubin posted his statement, customers took to Reddit to say they received what seemed to be a phising mail but apparently, it’s not. One redditor shared the situation:

Another one posted the message from Essential Products:

So the problem has been solved already. We just hope no customer will have any of their accounts compromised in any way.

SOURCE: Essential