The Essential team is about to face a new challenge as Keyssa Inc., maker of chips and connectors for wireless connectivity, is suing Andy Rubin’s new startup. According to Keyssa, Essential Products has used many techniques shared by Keyssa when the two were still working together before the Essential Phone came about. The phone has wireless connectors and Keyssa claims that Essential used its processes and methods.

The processes include different methods for testing, antenna designs, and manufacturing. You may not have heard of Keyssa before but the company knows the technology that allows devices to connect without wires. Even without the metal connectors, these devices can connect with each other.

Keyssa is accusing Essential of theft of trade secrets. The lawsuit was filed in a US federal court in San Francisco yesterday, Monday. Essential hasn’t received the lawsuit yet but we’re expecting it to release a statement soon.

Essential and Keyssa were working together but Andy Rubin’s group dropped the latter in favor of SiBEAM (Lattice Semiconductor) which is a rival. We don’t know what happened exactly but Keyssa is alleging Essential has used some of the knowledge shared during their partnership without any compensation.

VIA: Reuters