ESPN fans will be happy to know that a new streaming service will roll out this spring. It’s a new standalone app that can be enjoyed solely for watching your favorite sports channel. The news came from Disney CEO Bob Iger who shared about the future of ESPN in a recent event. Hopefully, this will help ESPN bring in more profits and revenue for Disney. You see, the media group isn’t doing well as more cable users have decided to cut their subscriptions.

A streaming service will potentially attract more users because it is cheaper and more accessible now. You can just launch the app on any mobile device or smart TV and then access the channel to catch up on your favorite shows, games, and commentaries.

CEO Iger seems positive about this change. He said, “This will enable people to access ESPN just about any way imaginable. If anything points to what the future of ESPN looks like, it will be this.”

The streaming service will be a feature within the new ESPN app. It will require a monthly fee of $4.99. This idea isn’t exactly new because there are plenty of channels and brands going this direction. It is non-traditional but definitely more convenient to use. It will also allow personalization based on different data points of the user.

ESPN’s streaming service will be available on ChromeCast, Android, and iOS.

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VIA: Variety