For all those NFL and Fantasy Football fans out there, we have good news from ESPN today. They’ve beat the rest and are ahead of the curve by already updating their Fantasy Football app for the 2013 NFL season. For all you NFL fans out there like myself stuck watching NBA playoff games and the media’s endless and exhausting coverage of the Lakers, get ready for the draft!

The 2013 NFL season is still way too far away, and this is always the worst part of the year waiting for NBA to move over so we can get back to Football. At least for me anyways. For those that like to partake in the amazing fun of Fantasy Football the ESPN app on Android has all your needs covered. It’s what I’ve used for the past few seasons.

As you can see they obviously changed the logo up a bit, which actually looks pretty snazzy this year although it’s what the app can do we’re concerned about. We were hoping for some draft status information but this app is clearly only for Fantasy Football so there’s no such new feature.

You’ll be able to select and manage multiple teams, players, free agents and more all with the ESPN Fantasy Football 2013 app. Better to update now than a week after the season starts, so we’ll take it. Now I just need my Packers to pick up a few Wide Receivers, and maybe my boy Ziggy Ansah from BYU and we’ll be set. Get ready for the 2013 season guys. Who’s ready for the draft tomorrow?

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