The extremely popular security and anti-virus company ESET, widely known for their NOD32 PC security suite is finally available for Android. It has been around as a beta for well over a year, and today they’ve announced the complete official version is available in the Google Play Store. ESET is giving all users a free 30 day trial to start.

The entire virus and malware argument for Android might be a big debate, but whether you buy into it or not ESET is most likely one of the best solutions for those in need. With what they consider emerging threats to smartphones and tablets their mobile security will keep all your devices safe. The latest version of ESET Mobile Security for Android includes proactive real-time scanning technology that warns users of any suspicious activity on their device. They’ve incorporated parent control options, and the usual remote wipe in case you lose your phone and don’t want whoever finds or steals it to have access to your data.

Be protected during internet banking sessions, online shopping, connecting to those public WiFi connections in Starbucks, sending SMS messages, and even call blocking for those pesky telemarketers and more. The app has been available for some time but ESET has just updated it with the official version. Again users will get a free 30 day trial, then to continue being protected by ESET Mobile Security you can subscribe for $9.99 per year.

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