Many people that do a lot of driving use a radar detector to keep them from getting tickets. Two of the most common brands of radar detectors on the market come from Escort and Beltronics. A new power cord is available for people that already own these radar detectors that will connect the device to the cloud to find threats in real time.

The power cord is called the SmartCord Live and will ship soon for $79.95 with a year’s subscription to the cloud threat network. The cord has Bluetooth inside and connects to the Android smartphone via an app. When someone driving in your area encounters a laser threat for instance, the threat is sent to the network and other drivers are warned.

When you approach an area where a threat has been detected you will get a notification warning of the treat. The app uses arrows and a signal strength indicator to show you where the threat was detected. If the threat is gone when you get there, the network will be updated. This is a very cool way to automatically warn other drivers of a potential speed trap. Check out the video to see how the system works.

[via SlashGear]