This is probably the strangest story we’ll write about all day here on Android Community, but here goes: old white men trying to keep up with the latest trends is nothing new, and Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just reminded us of that. He was recently spotted performing the dance that has taken the world by storm, Gangnam Style. No, we’re not kidding.

Schmidt’s dance session happened on a recent business trip to South Korea, where he got to dance alongside PSY himself. The video below gives us a brief glimpse at the dance, with Schmidt riding the invisible horse and giving into the craze that has captured so many different people around the world. Have a look at the video to see for yourself.

The video is only a few seconds long, but to be honest, it looks like Schmidt didn’t do too bad. Naturally he isn’t as good as PSY, considering that his chosen career path has led him to become a business executive and not a South Korean rapper, but we have to say that we’re impressed nonetheless. Perhaps we can hope for a encore at the next Google Shareholders meeting? Send Schmidt your emails ladies and gentlemen – let’s make this happen.

Despite the fact that we’re giving Schmidt a hard time for giving into the Gangnam Style craze, we can’t help but smile. It’s good to see Schmidt relax a little bit and have fun, and it’s even better that Gangnam Style is a part of that. There is one problem though: now we’ll be listening to this song all day. Thanks Schmidt.

[via Phandroid]