Wireless earphones and headphones are pretty good, but sometimes they’re not truly wireless. If you want something that really doesn’t have any wires to annoy you, wireless earbuds are the way to go. But not all have that great of a quality because it uses Bluetooth connection and it is tiny. Erato wants to remove that misconception about these tiny accessories with their new product called Verse, with its graphene driver technology for sound quality and SpinFit® eartips for comfort.

Lest you think Erato is some fly-by-night brand, they’re actually one of the few truly wireless earbuds brands in the market. They released their flagship Apollo 7 earbuds, but it was a bit expensive. Now here comes Verse and not only is it more affordable but it also comes with better sound quality and is lighter, something that’s important if you’ll use it for a long time. It weighs just 4.5g and has patented SpinFit® silicon eartips that rotate 360 degrees to go deeper into your ear canal and adjust accordingly.

Verse has an embedded MEMS microphone that will supposedly improve noise reduction, increase sensitivity, and reduce power consumption. However, battery life is pegged at 3 hours of music or 4 hours of talk time but the charging case can hold up to 4 recharges. It’s just a bit of a hassle to remove and charge every 3 hours (if you’re going for a listening marathon or something). The earbuds have 5.8mm micro drivers with a proprietary composite driver diaphragm to give good bass. The highlight is that it uses graphene driver technology that brings an “amazing performance from deep bass to sparkling treble.”

Erato’s Verse is IPX5 water and sweat proof so you can use it for activities that might get you a bit wet and sweaty. It costs $149.99 and is available on Amazon.