Social music fans have a new application to check out for the Android operating system. The new application is called EQuala and it aims to bring more context and control to social music discovery. There are a lot of apps out there that have social music aspects including popular app such as Spotify and Rdio.

Those apps allow users to download and listen to music that their friends are listening to. The app is free for Android users and allows the user to create and curate as well as customize their own social music streams. The application is Facebook-integrated and is launching today in the US with over 23 million tracks in its catalog.

Users of the app are able to create personalized streams from the songs their friends are listening to and from other users with similar taste in music. Users have to log in through Facebook and EQuala the app then puts together profiles based on music you listen to and shared using third-party services such as Spotify, YouTube, and others.

The key feature of the application is something that is called the “Friends Equalizer.” This feature allows users to customize and control music streaming and manage which friends music plays more frequently. The app offers a sliding scale allowing you to control how much each friend influences music in your stream. That means if you have a friend that occasionally plays good music, but plays a lot of stuff you don’t like you can reduce how much that particular friend affects your social stream.

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