The one thing great about the very first Sony PlayStation (PSX or PSOne, to those who love it) is that it was a platform that almost lent itself too easily to the emulator crowd – it was very easy to build emulators so that you can run PSX games one other platforms. First on the line, there was ePSXe for the PC platform, where it was wildly and widely supported. Then came ePSXe for Android, which was a port of the PC version – and is still working today even without having been updated for a time now.

But here we get a new update for ePSXe for Android, bumping current versions to 2.0. If you haven’t come across it, the emulator lets you play PSX games on your Android device, provided that you have the ISO copies of the games (easy to come by these days). And with PSX long archived, there’s not much to update anyways, unless its compatibility to higher versions.


With version 2.0, we get a gamut of graphics improvements, namely new shaders support, new 2D filters, graphical fixes and other things that will make the rendering on your Android display better. Oh, and they fixed support for the old game called “The Hive”, so you can play that now.

Either download the newest version via the Google Play Store (link below), or update your installed app. The emulator does not come with games, get the ISO’s for yourself, and the app actually costs USD$3.75 to get.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store