If you’re suffering through Game of Thrones withdrawal, ever since the 5th season ended last month, then you’d have to be content with playing official games based on the show and books, since the 6th season will show next year. But if you’ve been following Telltale Games’ mobile game series that is set in Game of Throne’s Westeros as well, then you’d be happy to know that the 5th episode, called A Nest of Vipers, has now come out on game consoles and on Android devices as well.

Episode 5 is actually the penultimate one in this six part episodic game. It continues the story of House Forrester, a family that has been especially created for this game series but interacts with actual characters and events from the TV show (that is of course based on the book series by GRR Martin, just in case you didn’t know). You get to play various members from House Forrester like Asher, Rodrik, and Mira, as they try to ensure the survival of their family and clan, amidst all the intrigue and action happening around them in the battle for who sits on the Game of Thrones.

The choices you make in every stage and phase of the game determines how the story plays out. Since this is graphic intensive, you would need a bit more powerful device, running on at least 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, and higher GPU like the Adreno 300, Tegra 4, and others on that level.

As part of the Play Games Summer Sale, the Telltale Game of Thrones, or at least the first episode, will now just cost you $.60 as compared to the $4.99 before. But each subsequent episode, including the latest one, can be bought for $4.99 each.