If you have seen the screen shots and read any reviews of the iPhone and iPad hack and slash game called Infinity Blade for iOS devices, you know that the game is supposed to be sick. If you have been hoping that a Christmas miracle would happen and the game would land soon for Android devices, that apparently isn’t going to happen.

Epic told Ars Technica in an interview that it has no immediate plans to bring the game to Android. Epic’s Mark Rein said, “So we have the engine up and running on Android, and we’re supplying it to licensees. We don’t have any immediate plans in terms of our own games for it yet. Our concerns are probably the same as John Carmack’s. Lots of good hardware, but it’s all over the map, and the rest of the issues he pretty much addresses. It will get there, I’m sure, but our technology can be licensed and used on Android. It’s just not as big a focus for us as iOS.”

That’s too bad really, but it sounds like the game would have issues on some Android devices since the hardware is so varied. Gamers can hope that the game or at least some game based on the same engine that looks so good will come to Android gamers.