We’re seeing the emergence of true wireless earbuds and headphones in the market right now, and audio brand JLab is not wasting any time in joining the fray. They are releasing the Epic Air Bluetooth Earbuds and you don’t even have to sell an arm or a leg to have it. It even has an antenna earhook, which they’re still in the process of patenting, so that your connection to your source device will be strengthened and at the same time, keep the earbuds secure in your, well, ears.

Bluetooth connections aren’t always the most reliable, and so this antenna doesn’t only serve as a way to securely hook them to your ears, but it also strengthens the connection to your smartphone so there will be no cutouts or skips. It also has a robust six-hour battery life so you will not run out of power when you’re commuting or doing your run (well, unless you’re running for more than six hours). If you have your charging case with you, it can add up to 30 hours of battery life when fully charged. You can actually even use it to charge your smartphone or other devices, in case you’re in need of a little juice.

The Epic Air earbuds are IPX5 splash proof so don’t feel scared of a little sweat to hit them and just go on with your workout without worrying about damage. There are touch controls to help you maneuver your music or podcast or audiobook without having to bring out your phone. You can tap on the right to skip forward or backward and tap the left to play or pause your audio.

They will not be available in the market until February 2017 but you can already pre-order the Epic Air Bluetooth Earbuds from the JLabs website. The SRP is at $149.99 and hopefully, it will stay that way until it starts shipping next year.

SOURCE: JLab Audio


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