If you are an owner of an Epic 4G, chances are you know how frustrating the upload speeds on the device can be. We already know that it is not the speedy Sprint network or the devices impressive hardware, it is a software problem that the device shipped with. The wait seems to be just about over as Sprint and Samsung are prepping the update as we speak and it will
be present in the next maintenance release.

The official word from Sprint reads:

“We have heard reports of users experiencing less-than-expected 3G upload speeds with their Samsung Epic 4G. After extensive investigation, Sprint and Samsung have identified an enhancement that may improve upload speeds on the Epic. This fix will be made available in the next maintenance release. It’s important to note that network speeds are impacted by many factors when using commercially-available speed test applications and test results may or may not be true indicator of the actual network performance.”

This update will bring much improvement of 3G upload speeds. Devices now currently are topping out around 150kbps, which is far less that impressive. More info to come as the update becomes available.

[Via AndroidCentral]