Enzo’s Pinball is a brand new game for Android. Brought to us by Haptify this pinball game is unlike any of the others I’ve tried. I used to love pinball back in the day and nothing on android comes close. The bumpers don’t feel realistic, and it just isn’t quite like the good times, old school pinball machines in the arcades. Haptify has changed all that with Enzo’s Pinball.

Available in the Android Market right now for $1.49 this game features full tactile response and feedback. When the ball hits walls, pumpers, or the arms you get a very realistic vibration, full tactile feedback. This is the first pinball game to feature anything like this and they have done an extremely good job. I hope more games and apps start to do the same.

Not only does this game have amazingly great gameplay, the graphics and visuals are top notch also, and we can’t forget the lifelike physics. My favorite feature is accelerometer support so I can “tilt” the table like the old school pinball games all had.


* 3 Tables to choose from currently: Clockwork, Steam-powered and DJ
* Realistic pinball physics brought to life through high-quality haptic feedback, graphics and sound
* Immersive touch-screen controls and accelerometer support that lets players ‘tilt’ the table, just like in the arcades
* OpenFeint integration with global high score list and achievements

I can’t wait to see what else Haptify has to offer in the future, as they plan to build games and apps all with haptic feedback being a large part of the game. This one hits the mark that is for sure. A must buy for any pinball fan or purist as it feels as real as it did back in the old neighborhood arcade.

[via DroidGamers]



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