You may recall earlier this year the original Entourage Edge dual screen tablet surfaced. One of the things that some users didn’t like about the device was the huge size that made it hard to carry and use for some. A new more compact version of that dual screen device has now surfaced called the Entourage Pocket Edge.

The new version has smaller screens with a 6-inch e-ink Wacom tablet on the left and a 7-inch resistive LCD on the right. The device has Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB sync as features. A microSD card slot allows for storage expansion as well.

The OS of the device is android 1.6 and the OS has been optimized for the hardware. This version is not aimed at educational use according to the maker due to the smaller screens and issues with PDF and ePub readability. The Pocket Edge sells for $399.


  1. In 2011, Android 2.2 will be available later on for the device. They are working on it; now at beta stage. AppMarket will come. So, it will become Android OS software up to date.

    Use a USB flexible reading light for the E-Ink ereader side, most ereaders don’t have backlights.

    Awasome product, can be used with USB or Bluetooth external regular or mini keyboards and USB files transfer too. Later this year, visionobjects will sell MyScript mobile Notes that will allow you handwriting on screen and instant digitalised text in Docs to Go (which is already included). So, think you will be able to edit everything you want or create new documents this way as a second option apart the virtual keyboard.

    And yes, you can flip the screens the way you want – in out, fliped backward, and use it reversed screens side if you which (Android either on right or left side).


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