If you were one of the folks that bought what turned out to be one of the more “meh” devices to run the Android OS in recent memory, the enTourage eDGe, important news has surfaced. The enTourage eDGe went official in November of 2010. It didn’t take long for the tablet to find its way to the mark down bin on Woot at $150 rather than the $399 it launched at. That cut rate blowout at Woot may have lured in some new buyers to the device. If you were one of them, the announcement this week was bad news for you.

As of 5-21, the enTourage eDGe store has closed its virtual doors. That means you can no longer get content directly from the maker of the tablet. However, that doesn’t mean your dual-screen Android tablet/ reader is a paperweight. enTourage is offering some directions on loading the tablet with content from Google eBooks without needing the app installed.

enTourage is also sending users to the Amazon Android App Store to satisfy their app needs. The company did take one last dig at Google and said that the Amazon store has access to lots of apps that “Google would never give us access to.” The important bit for this announcement is that as of May 27 any content that buyers have purchased and not downloaded will be lost. enTourage says that the server controlling the registration information and allowing the users of the eDGe to download content from other sources will remain online for the “foreseeable future.”


  1. I sent my entourage edge back three weeks ago because of a force close problem. They give me the repair # and everything to send back,I was wondering why I had not heard from them then checked on the shipment and it had been refused at there store. Now what I have not got it back from ups yet going to call tomorrow but who is fixing there problems?

  2. My Pocket Edge Ereader Has Force Closes And Problems Loading Widget. Any Suggestions? Hard Reset Doesn’t Work.


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