Password management services are becoming important for mobile users, not just because you have so many accounts to remember and take care of, but more so for security purposes (also, for those who are just too forgetful). Enpass is one of those services and to further improve their market share and take a bite out of the more popular ones, they would need to of course have better features or at least be on par with the others like 1Password, LastPass, DashLane, etc.

One of the major things that has changed for the app in this version 5.0 is that you now have an Enpass Keyboard component and with that comes the much needed Autofill. Even though Enpass managed to make your life easier by storing complex passwords, copy pasting log-in information was a bit of a hassle. Now the updated app can autofill both in the apps and in the Chrome browser as long as you enable the Autofill feature from the Enpass settings.

Unlocking through fingerprint has been supported by Enpass previously but it was only for limited Samsung devices and you needed to run the app in the background for it to work. But thanks to improvements in the Android Keystore in the Android 6 Marshmallow upgrade, now you have full-time fingerprint support. You can now unlock even if the app has just started fresh. Android Keystore is “a very secure environment” and this is what Enpass also uses to store your master password in an encrypted format.

There are of course the usual bug fixes and improvements that comes with updates. You can check for the update on Enpass’ Google Play Store page.

SOURCE: Enpass