Virtual reality headsets may not have caught on yet in terms of wearable purchases, but it doesn’t mean that we are any less fascinated by it. Samsung is banking on this interest by releasing the Milk VR app which gives access to 360-degree video files to users of their Gear VR. If rumors are to be believed, the video collection will also soon be available for other VR devices as well.

The Gear VR is not yet intended for commercial use but rather for app and software developers, as well as artists like filmmakers who are looking to explore what the virtual-reality medium can do for their craft. These videos in the Milk VR are intended to showcase just that, giving the users the ability to look left, right, up, down or wherever you want to look, while watching the videos. The makers are looking more at engagement rather than unit sales for the Gear VR, and having this showcase of the power of 360-degree videos may entice more people and early adapters to explore how VR can fit into the consumer’s mobile lifestyle.

Some of the videos currently available include a flight around Hong Kong’s famous skyline, a look at new Zealand’s glorious landscapes, a tour through Italy’s picturesque sites, or viewing Dubai’s waterfronts. They plan to add even more videos which have probably been shot using Samsung’s 360-degree camera called “Project Beyond”, which is still not available commercially.

If you don’t have a VR device yet, you’ll still be able to have a preview of what Milk VR can offer by visiting their website. Of course you won’t be able to fully appreciate virtual reality to its full capacity since you’ll be viewing it on a limited screen only, but at least you’ll get the feel of what you can expect when someday you’ll have your own Gear VR or other similar wearables.

VIA: SlashGear