If you’re a tennis player or even just a fan, then you probably have a lot of tennis-related games that you can play with on your smartphone or tablet which are pretty close to the real thing. But if all you want is to play a simulation game and train your characters to become the best tennis club players in history, and do it in 8bit style, then this new game from Kairosoft may be more up your alley.

Simply called Tennis Club Story, the game doesn’t strictly follow the official tennis kind of training and game, but it doesn’t mean it’s any less fun. You get to do training simulations for the players you’re mentoring, and when you feel like they’re ready already, you can let them compete in the tournaments. But along the way, there are mini games and activities that can help them as well.

You can choose your training style, either power or technique, depending on the kind of player you want to develop. They also get sponsors depending on their performance, so you must make sure that they are winners so that they can give you gear, items, and more. They can even build a hot springs spa or restaurant for your player. You can also have other non-tennis activities like barbecues and other events to keep your sponsors and patrons happy.

You can download Tennis Club Story from the Google Play Store for $4.99. It may sound a bit steep, but at least there aren’t any more in-app purchases.