Energizer might not be a name that you associate with smartphones right now. They want to be able to change that perception that they’re just a battery company by bringing us a smartphone…that has a pretty huge battery. They recently announced the Max P18K Pop which they will be unveiling at next week’s Mobile World Congress alongside more than 20 other smartphones. Not only will it carry an 18,000 mAh battery but it also has 5 cameras including a front-facing dual pop up.

The Max 18K Pop has a 6.2” Full HD screen that is almost bezel-less and is powered by the MediaTek Helio P70 chipset. It has 6GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage which is pretty substantial already. It actually has five cameras with three at the back with 12MP + 5MP + 2MP sensors. Even better is the front-facing dual camera as they have a pop-up module. One is a 16MP camera and the other is a 2MP depth sensor.

Being from Energizer, its crowning glory is of course the 18,000 mAh battery which is almost a powerbank in itself. It says it can make 90 hours of calls, give you 100 hours of music and 2 days of video bingeing. But of course given that huge battery, expect the smartphone to be not thin as it is around 18mm or .71 inches thick. It also has a USB-C port so you can probably use it as a power bank in case one of your smaller devices needs to be juiced up.

However, what we don’t know yet is how much the Max P18K Pop will cost but we don’t expect it to be cheap. We’ll probably know more about pricing and availability when it’s unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona, along with the 26 other phones that they’ll be launching. Let’s see if Energizer will be able to forge a good reputation in the smartphone industry.

SOURCE: Energizer