As far back as Google I/O 2014, the mothership was already talking about enabling “Guest Mode” on Chromecast devices – that is, enabling users on other WiFi networks to stream media to Google’s casting dongle-slash-device. Well, four months hence and a number of updates have come and gone for the Chromecast companion app and we still haven’t seen this mode enabled.

Fortunately for us, we have guys at the XDA forums who “never sleep” for the good of all Android users. One of those guys is XDA contributor “r3pwn”, who has been able to give a workaround so that this mode is enabled. Chromecast works on the assumption that the device casting to it is on the same WiFi network. This mode will allow devices on other networks to cast to a particular Chromecast dongle.

The workaround will – for now – need a rooted Android device, there is no getting around that for now. For you to use this process, you will have to figure out how to root the device you want the Chromecast to work with. You will also need to make sure that you have the latest Chromecast APK. Then you will also need an app called “#Configuration for Root”, and execute two simple commands. Those instructions are clearly given via the official XDA thread here, click on over for more info.

Chromecast was initially renowned for a strict selectivity for devices which can cast to it, but Google has been slowly working on adding more options and supported devices as the device matures. And the Android community has been good enough to provide alternative options so that the device can be relatively opened to almost all devices able to stream to it. This workaround is just another step to make things better for Chromecast users.