How many tablets do you know of that can provide you a good Android 4.4 Kitkat performance for under USD$100? Not a lot, we know. But Ematic is trying to get to this specific market by launching the EGD172, a 7-inch tablet that has specs you’d probably expect from this price range – nothing to write home about, but enough to probably secure a place as a Kitkat tablet for emerging markets.

The specs are pretty straightforward – a 1.1Ghz dual-core processor with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage. That last part can be remedied by microSD expansion, but the main internals speak for themselves – this will be a tablet that can run most of your basic apps on Kitkat and then a little bit more. But do not expect buttery-smooth performance with specs like this.

In truth, the tablet probably isn’t intended for users who require high levels of performance from the tablet itself. The EGD172 will not put out sharp HD-quality graphics on an 800×480 resolution (although it can play those HD videos), but it will be able to connect to the internet and allow users to browse and communicate pretty easily using connectivity and communication apps like Skype, WeChat, Viber and the like. The unit has rear and front-facing cams just for this purpose (3MP and 2MP respectively).

There have been rumors that you can get this tablet for as low as USD$50 after rebates. We understand that this budget tablet is targeted at a very specific market to provide connectivity and entry level tablet usage at a very low price point – so we get that the specs allow you to do pretty much just that.

Thanks for the tip, Jennifer!