It’s not often that this will happen to you, but there will probably be times when you would need to share your music or audio with more than one headphones. It can be quite difficult to do so, but ekko is up to the challenge with its new streaming hi-fi hub. Calling itself the world’s first High Fidelity Wi-Fi headphones hub, it can share one audio source for both wired and wireless devices.

ekko uses ultra-low latency technology to create crystal clear and a realtime Hi-Fi listening experience. You can connect any audio system to the base hub and do wireless streaming to any part of your house (that has speakers of course). You can connect a living room hi-fi system, TV or game console and it then transmits the audio to battery-powered receivers. The base station transmitter has to be connected to a wall outlet for power and can hold up to 10 disc-shaped pucks that have 3.5mm output jack for the wired receivers.

You can control volume, equalizer, and music streaming apps through your mobile device and you just need one interface to manage all the audio systems connected to the hub. You can use it for listening parties, silent disco events, watching movies but with individual headsets, and other events or instances where multiple people would want to access your audio, but are not just limited to speakers.

ekko Audio will be launching its hi-fi wireless audio hub on Kickstarter to start the production soon. They will be offering two and four user versions, but you will be able to add more puck receivers which will also be for sale. Let’s see if this will capture the fancy of those who love to support crowdfunded products.


VIA: Gizmag