If there’s one thing Android Community proves, it’s the importance of social networks and how useful they can be for sharing information. We’ve just launched a new, collaborative social portal intended to bring together consumers, members of the press, PR professionals and analysts, and make sharing news and projects more straightforward. It’s called eGether.

eGether takes the best elements of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and combines them into a straightforward, immediate social hub. The central concept is of status updates and pitches: the former are short news blasts and photos, whereas the latter are longer pieces that can include image and video content (either hosted on eGether or on YouTube), documents and hyperlinks. Unlike Facebook there’s no need for users to friend each other in order to get access to pitches, and the character limits are more generous than Twitter to make sure you have the space you need to make your elevator pitch.

We’ve got big plans for the evolution of eGether, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Signing up is free and straightforward and we’ve been working hard to make the interface as usable as possible. Check out the video demo below for more information.